DiNu_MaxX's ChatLanka Profile
Real Name: @_W.DiNusHa_RosHaN_@
Age: 0
Gender: Male
Location: ~@_SriLanka_@~
Signature: .hi2..wc..rose3..dinu_maxx..winky.
~KEEP CALM AND JUST SMILE~.heart5..rose2...24hr..bell.Owner_Of_The_Best Club In ChatLanka..p.**:CL DRaGoN WaRRioRS:** Club.updtd..cmonline..eee.
Likes: Playing Volleyball/ .music./ Art/
DisLikes: Bad Freinds.. Bad Words.. Covid-19 .tlol.
Good Habbits: Iwasema.. Eththa Katha Kirema.. Kath Ekka Hari Sathutin Idema.. .tface.
Bad Habbits: .angry..tlol.
Music: Dj Nonstop Songs Sinhala Or English Songs.music.
Sport: .1nma. Volleyball / Cricket
About Me: Breat Me.. Heart Me.. You Can Never Break Me..
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