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0 Male from **@_Galle_@** Galle.kc. Sri_Lanka.slf."/>
Real Name: Oshan Niluminda De Silva.kaizer_kize.
Age: 0
Gender: Male
Location: **@_Galle_@**
Signature: .x..heart5..gangnam..mini..lc..steffany..tutu..bluerose..welcome3.To_My_Profile.updtd..kaizer_kize...24hr..dj1..dj1..x..x..lolp..lolp..tab..taf..chatlanka1..asaine..attention. ***DONT_COPY***.respect.
City: Galle.kc.
Country: Sri_Lanka.slf.
Likes: Singing Rap.singing. And Play Dj.dj1.Dance.dance.
DisLikes: .dont.Fake Friendship.dont.
Good Habbits: .haha.All Time On Smile.haha.
Bad Habbits: No........mind.
Music: .dj1.Rap,Rock,Dj,Pop,Hip_Hop,Jazz.music.
Sport: Foot Ball,Carrom Chess,.cricket.,Rugby And Volly Ball
Profession: .x. .x.::**Fllowing Us My All Timelines And Like**:: by:- KaizeR_Kize .kaizer_kize. .x. .x. .tface.
About Me: .tdance.Kaizer Kize Is Crazy Boy I Like Smiley Peoples.Dont Like Nowty Peoples.tface.
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