Lasindu's ChatLanka Profile
Real Name: Lasindu Sampath
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: New Zealand
Signature: .hi5..wc1..lasindu. Profile .hug2..rose3.Like Me And Sign My Guestbook .gl..eye..rose3. And.join.JOIN MY CLUB 1JOIN MY CLUB 2 .iloveyou..rose2..kiss4..hug2..rose2.
City: Rathnapura
Country: Sri Lanka
Likes: Reading Book
DisLikes: Playing Video Game
Good Habbits: Helping All Humens
Bad Habbits: Banned For My Disslike Humens
Music: Love Dj Remix
Sport: Cricket
Profession: My Heros World Best Cricketers , I Dont Like For Fackers , My Dreem Is Comming Soon
About Me: I Always Think Unity Is Strength
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